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Our Areas of Expertise

Individual Therapy

At Amethyst Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching, I specialize in providing individual therapy to children, young people and adults. My sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual. I offer a range of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy and more.

Are you here because you are looking for help with some life problems you are facing? You may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, struggling with your feelings or thoughts around relationships, anxiety, depression, or work issues for example. You may be feeling sadness and trying to cope with everyday life or family issues. It can often be hard to talk about these things. By offering you a safe, confidential space for you to explore what is concerning you we can work together to identify ways to resolve difficult feelings. Doing so, will uncover what is at the root of your problems.

Any change can be scary and challenging. It might be a new job, new relationship, relationship breakdown, health problems, loss, grief, and bereavement. All of these life events can be hard to deal with. Often this leads to a feeling of helplessness, anxiety, sadness or depression.

It is at these times when you may want someone to really listen to you and to really hear you and a place to talk about your feelings, fears, difficulties without judgement. Having someone beside you to walk with you as you process what is happening, ensures you are supported and ‘held’ and importantly, not alone.

Couples Therapy

I believe in the power of healthy relationships. That's why I offer couples therapy to help couples build stronger, more fulfilling relationships. My experience in working with couples has shown me that by providing a safe and supportive environment for couples to work through their challenges and achieve their goals, a new level of communication opens up, enabling the couple to listen, hear and act but not 'react'.

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a form of counselling or psychotherapy that aims to help couples, regardless of their marital status, resolve issues and improve their relationships.

Why Couples Therapy is essential?

Couples therapy is essential because it can help couples improve their communication skills, gain more understanding of each other's needs, learn how to express their emotions and feelings more openly, and resolve conflicts and disagreements in an effective way. It can also help couples deepen their emotional connection and strengthen their relationship.

How does Couples Therapy work?

Couples therapy usually involves a series of structured and guided sessions in which the therapist works with the couple to identify problems, explore underlying issues, and develop new strategies to improve the relationship. The therapy may focus on improving communication, enhancing intimacy, managing conflicts, building trust, and strengthening the emotional bond between the partners. Therapists may also prescribe specific exercises and homework to help the couple practice and reinforce the skills learned in therapy.

When should couples consider therapy?

Couples should consider therapy when they experience difficulties that they cannot resolve on their own, including communication breakdowns, trust issues, infidelity, sexual problems, parenting disagreements, or conflicts related to finances, substance abuse, or other stressors. Couples may also seek therapy during a major life transition or when they feel stuck in their relationship or unable to connect emotionally with each other.


Business & Life Coaching

At Amethyst Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching, I offer business and life coaching services to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Our coaching sessions are designed to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to succeed in all areas of your life.

Business Coaching

Where are you in your life and / or your career? Do you feel that you are missing ‘something’ but not sure what? Are you facing issues at work, want to change career, start out on your own or get prepared for promotion? Are you trying to make decisions in your career but can’t quite  work out what the next step is to achieve your goals?

Making sense of the road map ahead of you will enable you to make a decision on what you want to do next. Do you want to take that job? Will it be right for you? What are your expectations of the job? Are you looking for promotion but not sure if that’s right for you?

Discovering blocks to your thinking will show you what will hinder your progress. Clients were able to recognise their own aspirations and how to work through their decisions for next steps. Identifying personal trajectory, aims and desires is always key to success. You need to know where you want to be which in turn aids you in planning steps to reach that goal.

Knowing where your strengths lie, will help you to focus on these and at the same time, improving on the weaknesses that we all have. By finding an equilibrium between these will help you to balance and aim for your goals.

Are  you thinking of starting up on your own or with a partner in business? What is the process? Am I really ready for this? Is it achievable? Have you chosen the right business for your strengths?

My background in business is extensive. I trained as a Coach in 2016 and this has taken me into a number of businesses, academic institutions, and charity organisations. I have also been a Company Director in a number of business arenas

Life Coaching

Are you here because you are seeking a balance in your life or you may be struggling with self confidence, finding a job, or a host of ‘self’ struggles.

Setting goals and succeeding in our aspirations has a dramatic effect on how we integrate ourselves to become more self aware. Seeking the keys to enable you to work out your personal goals will allow you to see how your future self is impacted by your present self.

Discovering the way thoughts are processed and then how we act on those thoughts has an effect on us. By changing the way we think or act will change how one reacts to the world.

Occasionally, depending on the issue, Life Coaching may transpose into personal therapy as many times the issues facing us in life are not just about changing the way we think or act but are rooted in something deeper.

Empathic and Collaborative Approach

I am a passionate and dedicated counsellor with a strong commitment to helping individuals overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential. With a number of years experience in the field of counselling, I have developed a deep understanding and empathy for the struggles that people face in their daily lives.

My approach to counselling is integrative and client-centred, meaning that I believe in creating a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Through active listening and genuine empathy, I work collaboratively with clients to identify and address the root causes of their challenges, helping them develop effective coping strategies and achieve long-term healing and growth.

I have experience working with a diverse range of clients, including individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, and life transitions. I utilise a variety of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and attachment styles, tailoring the approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual.

In addition to my professional qualifications, I believe in the importance of ongoing growth and learning. I regularly attend workshops, conferences, and training seminars to stay updated on the latest research and advancements in the field of counselling. This allows me to incorporate new tools and techniques into my practice, ensuring that my clients receive the highest quality of care.

I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to create positive change in their lives, and I am deeply committed to supporting individuals on their journey towards self-discovery and personal development. I feel privileged to be a part of their growth and transformation, and I look forward to helping you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

Please feel free to contact me for a confidential consultation and take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Issues I have experience in working with are - 

  • ADHD

  • Anger Management

  • Antisocial Personality

  • Behavioural Issues

  • Bereavement

  • Child

  • Chronic Illness

  • Chronic Pain

  • Co-dependency

  • Coping Skills

  • Divorce

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Domestic Violence

  • Elderly Persons Disorders

  • Emotional Disturbance

  • Hoarding

  • Life Coaching

  • Older adults

  • School Issues

  • Stress

  • Suicidal Ideation

  • Trauma and PTSD

  • Women's Issues

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